Altacor puts the heat on blepharitis

A new approach to blepharitis treatment is being launched by Altacor, the ophthalmic products specialists. The Blepharitis Relief Kit is designed to make it easier for patients to follow the essential daily care routine of warmth, massage and cleansing. The Kit is available to order now from Pharmacy wholesalers.

Altacor's Blepharitis Relief Kit contains the BlephaMask, a reusable eye mask which, unlike a homemade hot compress, holds its temperature for up to ten minutes after heating in the microwave. Importantly, the BlephaMask also features a temperature indicator on the box which informs patients when the mask is precisely the right temperature for placing over the delicate skin of the eyelids.

The heat of the mask melts any solidified meibomian gland secretions, allowing them to flow freely. The BlephaMask works together with the BlephaCura liposomal suspension to clear the meibomian glands, remove debris from the lid margins and reduce bacterial counts. The organic cotton BlephaCura Pads ensure this cleansing process is as gentle to eyes as possible.

Encouraging patients to adopt a regular lid hygiene routine can help prevent flare-ups of blepharitis, therefore minimising the risk of permanent ocular damage. The Blepharitis Relief Kit includes a patient information leaflet providing advice about heat treatment, eyelid massage and cleansing.

For patients who also show signs of evaporative dry eye disease, eye drops such as the Clinitas range may help in the management of symptoms.

For more information please telephone Altacor on 01223 421411.