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Just as you protect your skin from environmental stress and ageing, eyes also need special care to keep the delicate tissues in top condition.

If you have tired, itchy or sore eyes or want to protect your eyesight, then Altacor has a solution for you. All Altacor eye products are clinically tested and approved by ophthalmologists.

Soothing dry eye

If your eyes feel dry or gritty and perhaps look red or irritated then you may be suffering from dry eye. Clinitas can soothe the discomfort of dry eye.

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Relief from blepharitis

If the edges of your eyelids are inflamed and irritated it could be blepharitis. This uncomfortable and recurring condition can be kept under control with gentle cleansing and warmth. Blepha offers a unique solution.

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Protecting your sight with nutrition

Studies have shown that foods such as broccoli and antioxidant nutritional supplements can protect against age-related macular degeneration (AMD). If you use a computer for long periods then you should consider taking supplements.

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Maintain healthy vision

Supplements ensure that a healthy diet is fortified with essential vitamins that contribute to a healthy macular pigment (MP), which is important to healthy vision. 

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