Dry eye gel offers overnight relief

A dry eye gel can be helpful in relieving discomfort triggered by dry, dusty or windy environments or dry eye caused by medication such as HRT, anti-histamines.

Clinitas Hydrate is a liquid gel that spreads rapidly over the cornea to relieve friction and provide lubrication.  It works by boosting the aqueous layer of the tear film. In addition to releasing water it also contains carbomer 980 which means the eye drops stay longer in the eye to provide lasting relief.

It is recommended that the gel is used overnight to lubricate the eyes and help repair the irritated tissues.  Although it can be used by contact lens wearers it is best to wait 15 minutes between application and putting in the lenses. Low to medium viscosity drops such as Clinitas Soothe are best for contact lens wearers.

Each pack of Clinitas Hydrate contains a handy 10g tube of the transparent, sterile eye gel that can be used for up to 28 days.


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